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GHM GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
Auf dem Brand 3
D-50996 Köln

Postfach 501421
D-50974 Köln

Phone +49 221-789 580 10
Fax     +49 221-789 580 20

e-Mail info[at]

CEO: Dr. Peter Happe, StB

Competent supervisory authority for tax advisors:

Steuerberaterkammer Köln
Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts
Gereonstraße 34-36
50670 Köln/Germany
Phone 02 21.3 36 43-0
Fax      02 21.3 36 43-43

Occupational title and professional code of conduct for tax advisors:
The occupational title Tax Advisor („Steuer­berater/Steuer­beraterin“) is awarded by the Chamber of Tax Advisors („Steuerberaterkammer“) after the qualifying examination has been passed. The Chamber also only recognises a firm of tax advisors (“Steuerberatungsgesellschaft”) provided certain conditions are met.

For tax advisors and firms of tax advisors, the following regulations apply:

  • Tax Advisory Act (Steuerberatungsgesetz – StBerG)
  • Professional Code for Tax Advisors (Berufsordnung der Steuerberater – BOStB)
  • Tax Advisors Fee Ordinance (Steuer­be­rater-gebührenverordnung – StBGebV)
  • Specialist Consultants Ordinance (Fach­berater­ordnung – FBO)
They are set out in detail on the website of Cologne Chamber of Tax Advisors
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